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If You are a vacation rental owner struggling with any of these 'headaches' - I would love to help!:

  • you need help addressing a constant guest related complaint or issue such as; 'feels dark and gloomy' or 'the place is looking tired'.

  • you'd like recommendations and suggestions for improvements that could help enhance a guests experience.

  • you need inspiration such as coming up with a vision, concept or colour scheme, etc, for redecorating or starting fresh.

  • you need advice on a specific decor or decorating dilemma.

  • you'd like the convenience of having a personalized design plan in place that allows the freedom to shop & decorate as vacancies and budget allows.

  • unable to hire a professional decorator to come do the job but are up for a d.i.y. challenge with some guidance!

  • maybe you just haven't a clue what your doing when it comes to design? (Oh that's okay, I'll help you along:)

  • it's important to you that your guests have a comfortable and relaxing stay but it doesn't seem to be happening.

how can i help?

Well, with many years spent working in hotels and resorts - I've heard almost every guest complaint in the book!  So a word of simple advice, if I may?  It's best to stay ahead and on top of things before guests start pointing them out and complaining.  By keeping a property fresh, up to date and unique from the competitors, guests will feel the love + value and - thus less need to grumble!

So if you are looking to redecorate, update or have questions on how to better improve the appearance and mood of your property, making it easier to attract and keep your desired guests, then I want to help ease your 'style stresses'! 

By coming up with a personalized decorating plan that addresses your wishes and concerns and/or by making simple recommendations & suggestions for easy improvements, you'll be able to freely tackle and implement changes all on your own using my e-Design service no matter where you live!  p.s. - I'll only be an email away!  

Now, how to get started?

  1. Decide from below which e-Design package best suits your needs.

  2. The get started button takes you to a special site; you'll be able to create a personal account, complete a simple design questionnaire that helps me understand your situation, goals and how I may be of assistance, you'll have access for us to communicate together, submit payment and then receive your personal decorating plan! Yay! help is on the way!

  3. In the design questionnaire, please be sure to attach & include or email photos of the room and or dilemma your wanting help with.

  4. The simple questionnaire is built into the design program I use, fill out as best you can. ***Please tell me all about your property and situation in the last box called 'Add any final notes for your consideration:' You can email me anytime with further details as well, designerkim@heelsinthefield.com.

  5. Final Note - the more info and photos I have to work with the better since we aren't able to tour your property together in real life. I may email asking for further info as well to better understand the space, property and location.


e-design packages

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ask a decorator $125

The ideal solution when you'd like to ask for professional decorating advice & recommendations on one specific decor or decorating dilemma (ex: guest storage solution, area rug options, window treatments, throw pillows, linen selections, colour scheme, etc).


  • (1) DESIGN MOOD BOARD for (1) decorating dilemma displaying inspirational images and ideas (could be 2D or 3D depending on project).

  • PRODUCT SHOPPING LIST if your situation has suggestions for new purchases, links are provided making shopping easier.

  • FIELD STYLING NOTES explain ideas and instructions on how to solve that dilemma!

spruce up package $350

Your property is receiving feedback on looking a tad dated, guests have made comments here and there that it's feeling a bit tired.  You'd like ideas on how to spruce up a space using some existing items as well as incorporating some new purchases.


  • A PERSONAL INTRODUCTORY EMAIL to chat about your project.

  • (1) DESIGN MOOD BOARD displaying inspirational images and ideas (could be 2D or 3D depending on project).

  • PRODUCT SHOPPING LIST with links makes shopping easy for the recommended new furnishings and decor displayed on your design mood board.

  • FIELD STYLING NOTES explain ideas and instructions on how to 'spruce up' the place!

  • (1) REVISION OR TWEAK (if necessary) before final plan is sent to you.

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Questions before you place your design request?

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