The personal office space of Dr. Melissa Blake, N.D. of the Pear tree integrative health centre

What a privilege, I'm so grateful to have Dr. M not only as my Naturopathic Doctor, but also as the first person I knew that I needed & could trust to be on my healing journey team.  So after months of walking past her office after every appointment it only felt right to give her, as a gift of thanks, a special and functional office space to do her important line of work.  Graciously and probably scared as hell - she gave me complete freedom to do what I wanted (keeping affordably top of mind)!

My inspiration surfaced from the old red desk (which was her grandfathers) and from a pair of red eye glasses she sometimes sports!  Several d.i.y and re-purposing projects later, the vision of  'Modern Vintage Apothecary' came through.


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