How To Use Pops Of Colour and Textures To Decorate A Vacation Rental Living Room

COLOURS ARE SCARY!!!….(or maybe not!?)

Remember as a child how attractive and alluring bright colours were!? Well not sure what happens as we grow up into adults, but the fear of using colour to decorate a room becomes daunting and really scary for some.

Interestingly colours do have meaning when looking at the psychological & feng shui side of things. Colour contributes to how we feel when we’re in a room, for example: you may want to stay clear of painting a baby’s room bright yellow as it tends to make one feel happy and energetic and well yes, a happy baby is wonderful and all but a baby that never sleeps is not! So yellow tends to be a great option for say the above living room, a kitchen or in a ‘non-relaxing’ space, while using it accented through accessories & textiles here or there is perfectly fine, a bright sunny yellow bedroom may make winding down at the end of the day more difficult.

In my above design board , I wanted to create an inviting, welcoming and relaxing living room. I picture guests opening the door upon arrival and breathing in an invigorating breath of fresh air, ready to relax, explore, play…whatever their holiday desires are.


Easily interchangeable and a not so big commitment to colour, selecting colourful artwork to hang on the walls is a great way to add some fun and no so scary pops of colour! I love the idea of purchasing a local artists work.

Colourful and patterned throw pillows, blankets, fabrics and area rugs can bring a tonne of life, warmth and coziness into a room. Again, not a big colour commitment but has a tremendous overall impact on your design and how your space and guests feel.

I used hits of orange in the above design which gives a fresh and adventurous vibe. If I were creating a serene and calming bedroom I’d probably limit the amount of orange as it doesn’t create the relaxing feel I’d be going for. Makes sense, ya?


Another less scary way of introducing colour, say in a more subtle way, would be through furniture. I used two white accent cabinets in the design board, one featuring sea-grass storage baskets which tie in with the location of my ‘make believe’ seaside beach vacation rental. Using warm browns as such in the coffee table, pouf, mirrors above the fireplace, sea-grass baskets and in the legs of the furniture is grounding and has an organic feel.

Blue is a very common and versatile colour, great for connecting to the sky & water. Known for being calming and dependable, but also depressing….neat right!? The blue jewel toned sofa and blue floral area rug don’t feel depressing at all but act as great backdrop for other pieces.

Greenery plays a huge part as well. I personally love and prefer real plants to silk or fake. Not only can you bring freshness and life into an otherwise drab corner but green plants are happy beings, creating a sense of being in nature, feelings of luck, abundance, wealth & vitality. Who doesn’t want their guests feeling wealthy - perhaps they’ll want to extend their stay and re-book year after year! $$$$


Playing with textures and patterns all helps in pulling a well designed room together. In the design board you can see how the textures in the sea-grass baskets harmonize with the warm wood textures of the coffee table, mirrors, ceiling fan, floor, handrail on the staircase, etc.

The floral patterned area rug plays along nicely with the plants and flowers found in the vases, artwork and throw pillows. Not everything has to be the same colour or matchy matchy (best to avoid this dated trend altogether please:). Mixing patterns and all that jazz is for another day and blog!


  • Bring textures, patterns and colours in through accessories, fabrics and furniture and even plants.

  • Don’t be scared to inject colours into your accommodation property, breathe and have fun!

  • Book an e-design package and get started on infusing some colour and flare into your rental!

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