6 Kitchen Island Looks For A Cottage Rental

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cottage rental kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are handy!  They can be used for food prep, storage, dining, etc.  Frequently when guests rent a cottage they host get-togethers with lots of people and lots of food!  So where there is an island, expect a crowd to gather!  Why not make an island the focal point of the kitchen!?

I've picked several wood looks for this design board all of which would look lovely in a cottage rental or any type of accommodation property that has a cottagey (is that a real word?), farmhouse, rustic, old world aesthetic to it, even adding an old rustic wood island to a modern day kitchen can add amazing charm and character.  An island that's a different colour from the rest of the cabinetry can add a fun pop of interest as well.

Islands with features such as dish towel hangers and hooks, drawers, cupboards and shelves add extra storage for dishes, utensils, dish clothes and help to keep things organized.  Some islands have wheels which might be a nice feature in a smaller kitchen where the island can be tucked aside when not in use or moved to another room and used as a bar or buffet for entertaining.

In any case, if you are looking for ideas on kitchen islands for a vacation rental or require any other decorating help, check out my eDecorating packages!

Field style notes

  • Look for an island that is subtle yet uniquely different from the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.
  • Style the island top with a nice vase of flowers or welcome gift for your guests.