Create A Welcoming Front Porch Seating Vignette For Your Guests Arrival

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Look 1 - beach house, cottage, holiday home with a veranda

This look offers a traditional feel with the white wicker furniture and the richness from the navy blue and striped fabric on the chair, even the addition of a real fruit tree adds to the scene!  This look would be fitting on the front veranda of a holiday home or greeting guests upon arrival at a cottage, beach house or holiday home rental.  It's an inviting spot to sit and sip an iced tea while enjoying a light breeze.  

Look 2 - cottage, cabin, lake house, chalet

Rustic wood elements like that of Adirondack or Muskoka chairs, make this vignette ideal for welcoming guests to the cottage, cabin, lake house or chalet - wherever there might be a beach, lake or mountains nearby.  Planting some pretty flowers in wood planter boxes gives character and charm and an outdoor lantern adds a nice touch for enjoying the evening stars.

Look 3 - b&b, cottage

A bench placed on a front porch in a fun colour adds some whimsy and a pop of interest.  Adding colourful patterned outdoor throw pillows makes sitting for awhile more comfortable too.  Tall planters loaded with beautiful flowers on either side of the bench creates a homey, enticing and inviting place to chill and relax.

Look 4 - small front step, eclectic feel

Sometimes the front porch or entry is a small one.  Placing a simple bistro style chair off to one side along with a small end table and a plant or an accessory, like a unique watering can will add an element of detail to the front entrance.  Here I went with a mix of colours, patterns and finishes in the chair, throw pillow, furniture & accessories to create an unexpected eclectic look.

Field Style Notes

  • Creating a seating vignette at the front entry if there is room, makes for a welcoming first impression and acts almost like another room for guests to enjoy as well. 
  • Adding some outdoor plants and flowers makes a property feel cared for and friendly.
  • Self watering pots might be something to look into if nobody would be coming by to water plants and flowers regularly.?