Creating A Deluxe Beach House Rental

Any type of accommodation located on a beach is prime! People seek out and pay more for beachfront vacationing, so if its a more sophisticated type of guest your looking to attract, then lets look at creating a deluxe beach house rental! 

This type of traveler will be expecting quality furnishings to go along side their selection of accommodations and scenery, so attention to details will be of importance for this look.  Lets start with figuring out a colour scheme first.

calm and inviting colour palette

For this particular property and look I went with colours you might find in its surroundings; watery blues, gold & sandy tones and fresh greens.  It creates a calm and inviting feeling that brings the outdoors in. 

The rich blue sofa draws your eyes out to the water and the green tones in the mirror, throw pillows, area rug & side table lend a warm freshness to the space.  The bistro table, arm chair & pouf and coffee table pick up on the colours of wood and sand.

Working with the colours found in nature they tend to just easily and naturally blend together for a cohesive feel, thanks mother nature!

The paint swatches I drew the colour scheme from are from Benjamin Moore;

  1. Blue - Lucerne (AF-530)
  2. Green - Azores (AF-495)
  3. Beige - Thousand Islands (CC-308)

chic lighting

Who doesn't love the sparkle of a pretty chandelier!?  By placing one over the bistro table it sets the mood for an enticing place where guests can sit and enjoy a, wine, tea or a light meal...fromage & crackers perhaps?  

The stylish brass wall sconce provides a source of lighting to illuminate the patio door area.  The brass finish ties in with the other furniture pieces and touches on that wood & sand feel.

elegant but not stuffy furniture

Selecting the right type of furniture to create a luxurious and inviting but not to formal of a space is important.  The sofa selected for our deluxe beach house rental has a comfy yet modern flair to it and works alongside nicely with the more sophisticated beige chevron patterned arm chair.  The floral printed arm chair feels more casual feel and makes for a nice spot to sit and read a great book.

The coffee table has clean modern lines and works well with knowing a beach is nearby.  The little green side table is actually an outdoor ceramic garden stool!  How cute it is and works wonderfully here for a guest to place items on, and well, use also as a stool if necessary too!  Another cute piece is the sand coloured and textured pouf, a soft place for a guest to rest their feet after exploring the beach all day.

details and accessories

This handmade in India wool rug is a cozy addition for under foot.  You want to make sure when selecting an area rug that either all of the furniture is sitting on top of the rug or all of the front legs of the furniture are sitting atop the rug.  It feels really weird and awkward when a small little rug is just like a patch under a coffee table!  Bigger is better when it comes to area rugs!

Placing a soft throw blanket on one of the arms chairs is a nice touch for when a guest wants to warm up.  Stylish throw pillows on the bistro chairs and one on the sofa makes it more inviting and comfortable for sitting back to relax. 

Hanging an attractive mirror in the area of the bistro table will reflect the sparkly light from the chandelier and helps to transform into an intimate setting for two.

Bringing in live plants is a lovely and healthy addition to any space.  Plants bring not only a healing energy but also cleanse the air too, how lovely right!?  The air will automatically be cleansed between guests, how neat!  A vase of fresh flowers here and there adds a beautiful pop of colour and shows your guests that you were anticipating their arrival.

field style notes

  • Lets review the area rug selection again; go bigger rather than smaller, it feels and looks better when the furniture is on the rug not sitting around off of  the rug.
  • If your stuck on choosing a colour scheme, look to nature!  Take a look outside in the surroundings of the property and work from that.  You can also book my Ask A Decorator Package and we can look at coming up with an ideal scheme for your rental too.