Creating A Calm And Inspiring Office Space

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Having a calm and organized office space to conduct work in, whether simply for just paying bills in or perhaps it's a place where you meet personally with clients - whatever the space, it's nice for it to feel presentable and harmonious. 

This not only makes sitting down and getting work done for yourself more motivating but helps clients too feel more at ease and relaxed so not to be distracted and potentially worried by any unnecessary clutter or mish mash of a bizarre design going on!  They are free to concentrate on you and your service!

Serene or inspiring artwork

I absolutely love art!  By incorporating pieces that you love, this will help bring some life and interest into the space.  Pulling colours from the art or photography can also lead to a good starting off point in which to create a colour scheme from for decorating the rest of the room - if that's something that feels hard to come up with.

And, ohhh a big pet peeve and no no please! - art that's randomly hung in places that doesn't make sense and art hung to high!!!!  Be sure to hang pieces at art gallery height which is usually the centre of the piece hung at 58" from the floor, not the top.  So that will have the piece hanging at an average eye level height, this naturally feels right for the human eye.  

Interesting accessories

Greenery in nice pots brings a breath of fresh air and healthy energy into the room....just be sure to love and care for them or the opposite occurs which is dead stale energy!  Pretty books & bookends displayed on a table or bookcase, a beautiful bowl or vase, any type of accessory that is of interest can help tell the story of who you are and what you and or your business are about.

I love a Buddha statue for a calm inspiring space, he keeps things centered and displays a peaceful atmosphere.

The saying, 'less is more' - is always a good rule to follow when accessorizing and bringing in trinkety things, etc.  Plus nobody likes dusting around these little things!

a great work desk & chair

A fab desk can be found in a brand new find or re-purposed and reinvented creatively as well.  Being sure it fits your room and work load accordingly.  Something to small and you'll be overloaded with papers and stress before you know it and something to large, well, feels board-room like, lonely and stark!

Built-in storage in terms of drawers or cupboards alongside are ideal for tucking away paperwork and staying organized.  A comfy & stylish office chair to roll around on is great!  There's alot of price points and style options out there, so definitely keeping in mind comfort and ergonomics fitting for your body. 

desktop organizing

These little desktop storage containers are so pretty, they make it easy to find and toss things into all while looking stylish!  Jars, bowls, mugs, saucers, baskets - really anything you find attractive that can hold 'things' can be styled upon a desk and used for storing pens, pencils, clips, notepads, etc.


A functional and stylish desk lamp is ideal for properly illuminating your work area, making it gentle on the eyes when focusing on reading from paper and a computer screen.  The cast of a warm light also helps to create a cozy and inviting place to sit and work.

Salt lamps are literally everywhere nowadays!  There is reason for it too, they are said to have many interesting health benefits ranging from improving air quality to improving sleep, mood and energy levels to reducing electromagnetic radiation from electronics, in the end they do lend a calming vibe.

field style notes

  • I'd definitely include (but did not include in my board??) a lovely area rug to ground your work space.  It's welcoming to the feet and brings about a sense of comfort and style.
  • Depending on any windows that might be found in your office space, window treatments may be necessary.  This to create privacy, reduce glare from the sun and to dress up and soften the nakedness of a stark window. 
  • If you host clients in your office then of course providing a comfortable sitting chair or chairs will be needed too!
  • I love me some background music to stay motivated!  Depending on my mood....smooth jazz always gets my creative energy moving and is my fav while working, sometimes I need more relaxing meditation music and well right now as I'm writing this I was craving classical relaxation!  Although it feels time now to shut if off!

What helps you to stay productive & motivated in your office space?