Looking Ahead To Spring With 7 Easy Vacation Rental 'Refresh' Ideas

Design Board Explained

1.  Paint

Maybe after walking around and doing an inspection of all the walls and trim of your accommodation property, you find that it's only a few touch ups of paint that are required to freshen things up.  Or maybe it's time for a whole new look which involves - as some people would call...the dreaded paint colour selection! 

Looking at the 2018 Benjamin Moore colour trends and in helping to narrow things down, I pulled some of the colour selections and built the whole look and feel of the design board off of those.

Some of these colours may feel daunting, but fear not!  Depending on the look and feel your wanting to achieve adding some new colour to the walls can liven things up for the better.  Go bold, go neutral, add an accent wall, etc.  Lots of options when it comes to colour for sure!

2.  Fresh Bedding

Now could be as good a time as any to check over all of the bedroom linens to see what needs replacing.  Over the Christmas holidays my family and I stayed at a ski resort (I will not get into all of the changes I would have made!) and to my annoyance I found small holes in the sheets!  It really just makes crawling into bed a little less cozy and it felt less cared for - if you know what I mean!? and especially when promoted as deluxe accommodations!

Crisp clean sheets, comforting duvets & quilts, spotless pillows, covers and mattress protectors  - everything getting a deep laundering.  Spring is the ideal time to tackle these tasks.  Replace or update what might feel dated or has seen better days, new bedding can totally give a bedroom a brand-new luxurious feel.

3.  Bath Towels

New bath towels may be in order and or face cloths, hand towels and bath mats.  Guests use these items against their skin so stains and holes are not ideal!  In previous posts on guest baths I touch a bit more on these selections.  

4.  Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are fun and can easily be changed up with the seasons to provide a change of scenery in the living area, bedrooms or wherever a pillow can be tossed!  Selecting throw pillows with removable covers makes for easy washing and replacing whenever you desire.

5.  Entry mat

A clean welcoming door mat makes for a warm and friendly entry for guests upon their arrival.  These mats tend to get a lot of wear and tear from being outside in the elements and from having footwear stomped and rubbed upon.  So its understandable that a front door mat can need regular replacing.  

6.  Interesting Art

If selecting a new paint colour - why not opt for some new art pieces while at it!  Or, maybe just look at some anyways!   Art is everywhere at every price point and makes a tremendous impact on the feel of a space.

I just love art and it can be rather bothersome to me when random art that doesn't speak to a room is hung in sadness:(  Selecting art doesn't have to be difficult but it does need to make some sense and jive with the space.  Looking at some previous design board posts, you'll see how the art selections really play an important role in helping to tie everything together.

7.  Cohesive Dishware

Cohesive feeling dishware makes sitting down for a meal exciting and enticing.  Guests will enjoy preparing and sharing in meals together when the table can be set with lovely dishes. 

Get rid of any chipped, cracked or stained items, referring back to my ski resort stay....I was really turned off when it was time to make a cup of tea and found the white mugs to all be stained!  Even if they are clean, stains make things feel dirty!  My tea just didn't taste as nice!  Check out some other kitchen finds.

Field Style Note

Starting a 'To Do List' now is a great way to get a head start on all of the potential work spring may bring.  Start by looking at what could use some redecorating love and repairs, begin shopping around for new finds to replace the old, gather ideas and inspiration, etc. 

Before you know it, the sun will be shining, birds will be chirping and the guests will be booking - yay!!!!!