There's A Feeling Of Modern Rustic In The Air

It's in the air and you know its a coming, autumn that is!  The smell of wood burning stoves, comfy throws, warm earthy colours, pumpkin spice lattes (darn I miss those since I've eliminated sugar!), anyways, I just love the fall season.  So what better style to look at creating then 'modern rustic' for the main living area of a holiday rental!?


a wood burning stove or fireplace sets the mood

A fireplace or wood burning stove just seems to fill a room with ambiance, creating that feel of cozy relaxation, the desire to hunker down and read a good book with a cup of tea.  It tends to be the main focal point of a room, where everyone gathers and is also highly desirable feature that people request, seek out and pay more for when researching and selecting their accommodations.

Of course a wood burning stove or fireplace should suit the location - one that gets cold enough to want to use it!  So probably not worth the investment if your property doesn't see a flake of snow and or is warm year round versus a ski chalet or log cabin where guests would come to expect such an amenity.

stylish yet comfortable seating

Worn brown leather just calls out to be in a rustic setting!  On an armchair or sofa, brown leather can be livened up with a throw or cushions to become the ideal place for guests sit back and take in the scenery.  Now, I've been completely intrigued by olive green this season, hence the reason I chose the velvet olive green armchair - it lends a modern woodsy feel.  Plaids are always a nice touch in a rustic interior and look wonderful against wood and stone.

wood furniture

Natural coloured wood just 'naturally' looks fitting in a rustic style interior.  The wood coffee table pictured is a walnut that is the perfect balance between not to light not to dark and with simple yet interesting lines, it feels modern yet rustic - well how fitting!

Refrain from using to many different coloured finishes, textures and styles of wood as they will just not jive together thus everything will look mismatched.  Keeping with roughly the same undertones and somewhat of the same style works well, cause if you can picture mixing a modern dark espresso coloured bookcase with a traditional cherry wood coffee table that has red undertones mixed with contemporary light pine for side tables - feels completely non-cohesive right?!

Mixing woods & styles can become tricky but when done right it can look amazing!  Introducing several antique furniture pieces into a modern space can look truly fabulous!

iron accents

Wrought iron on furniture or in decorative accents adds a sense of old world alongside the wood.  They work very well together, the contrast of wood against the dark iron really warms and softens it up.

Like in the design board, iron accents can be brought in through the fireplace tools, a log holder, a lamp, etc.  The black of the iron gives a modern element but at the same time old world - which is perfect when creating a modern rustic look.

soft & warm textiles

Warm cozy throws are a must in a rustic interior!  Gotta keep those guests warm and snug so they don't want to leave!  Of course nothing to delicate that can't be laundered regularly, but a couple of plush and pretty throws draped on the sofa and or armchairs makes it easy for the guest that is chilly and wants to curl up.

Toss cushions on the sofa and armchairs with washable covers are great - easy to keep clean as well as easy to change up even with the seasons if you'd like.  Plaids are timeless as well as solid colours and so easy to find at all sorts of price points.  

Area rugs are so important and lots of times get ignored - and if they do get addressed, they usually aren't the right size for the space!  An area rug in the living area is critical not only for comfort under foot but it helps define the space, otherwise it feels like furniture is just set there, floating around and lonely!  (well to me anyways!).

The nicely patterned rug I selected in the design board offers lots of deep reds, browns & blues and will not show dirt and stains so easily, being low pile it will eventually wear better than say a shag rug that will look absolutely horrible as it wears because of the flattened down traffic pattern!  Do you notice how beautiful old worn antique rugs are!?  They look better worn than new, so even finding an old antique rug - have it maybe professionally cleaned and ya, it would look amazing!  

the right art for the job

I love art!  I feel it is super important to have fabulous pieces of art for guests to look at and be intrigued by.  Usually the art in hotel rooms is pretty generic and doesn't stand out, why not have great art pieces hanging here and there?!  Doesn't have to be overly expensive - just has to be fitting for the space and surroundings and interesting.

The waves & waters piece featured above in the design board is framed with eco-friendly bamboo (I'm all about eco-friendly!) and it looks stunning against the simplicity of a black and white image.  Frames can make or break a piece too, it all works hand in hand!  Just see that the art serves the surroundings and feel of the room and makes sense with it all.  A colorful surfer hanging ten in a mountainside chalet might feel a tad out of place, if you know what I mean!

unique lamps and accessories

I tend to drive myself nuts looking for out of the ordinary things!  It just makes a room feel special if its decorated with unique pieces that one doesn't see everyday.  I really think guests appreciate it too when a rental is just that - out of the ordinary and charismatic.  Something as simple as a lamp that is not just your average lamp, the two I chose are extremely different from one another but look just fabulous together!  Its as we looked at earlier with mixing wood & iron.

Other fun accessories are nice touches too; vases, sculptures, books, a neat tray, plants - just minimal trinkets please!  A little can go along way + less is more with accessories!  If you style with a few stand out pieces then that's all that is needed to create the desired feel of a space.  Plus its less to keep track of, dust and have broken!

field style note

  • In also helping to create that modern rustic vibe, plaids are timeless as well as solids like deep blues, greens, reds & golds, plus so easy to find at all sorts of price points.  Using in toss cushions and throws will help to establish that feel, along with a hint of white here and there to help keep things fresh and light.

Have you come across something unique decor wise that made a stay memorable?