A Touch Of Modern Calm For A Country Inn Bathroom

Soft, calm and charming is one look that I picture for a quaint Country Inns bathroom and the other well.....I picture red roosters, tractor and pig trinkets, lots of chicken wire, old furniture and maybe some apple & banana fruit baskets with sunflowers?! 

Having grown up in the country on a farm, I truly love all animals and that way of life - however with that being said - guests will love and appreciate the more soft and quaint look versus perhaps showering in the barn stall look!

So lets take a look-see at some simple ways to lighten up a Country Inn bathroom!


Mixed metal bathroom Finishes

Finishes would be those of the plumbing, mirrors, hardware, lighting, etc.  Injecting sparkling polished chrome and matte black finishes really pulls together a modernized feel for our country/farmhouse bathroom design board look, especially looks fabulous alongside the mix of modern and antique furniture and accessories.

Mixing metals can also make for a more interesting and 'collected over time' feel.  Best to keep it minimal, like usually no more than 2 or 3 finishes - so to avoid a bunch of unnecessary contrasting going on.  One finish for all faucets and then another for the towel holders, hooks & knobs, etc - perhaps a third in a fabulous mirror.

nice have storage Convieniences

Providing storage atop a bathroom counter and all around the bathroom for that matter is super handy.  Think creamy white holders and containers for toothbrushes & things, matte black or polished chrome hooks, hangers and bins for towels and clothing, wicker laundry and storage baskets; all of these add to the nice have conveniences and country accommodations feel that any guest could appreciate.

I love the farmhouse look that the wall mounted drying rack gives off.  It adds personality as well as function in the hopes that guests are more likely to reuse towels and cloths if they can be hung to dry! 

pretty details and extras

'It's all in the details' - as the old saying goes, especially in the accommodation industry!  Guests want to feel taken care of and know that their every need is thought of and attended to without even having to ask. 

Simple additions like pretty containers and jars of toiletries (things that guests would find nice to use but not necessarily pack along); cotton swabs & cotton balls, lotion, lavender scented bath salts (ohhh so calming and lovely!), extra toothpaste, a tray for jewelry, etc.  All of these small yet simple details are memorable, convenient and thoughtful touches. 

I love supporting small local and organic businesses!   And by purchasing their handmade soaps and products, it makes for a lovely guest gift, supports local vendors and is better for the body and environment!  Yay for everyone!

art and other things

That little piece of deer art just lured me in!  He is modern yet fitting for the mood of this look I was going for.  Hanging a special piece of art in a bathroom can create some real unique interest.  Art is also literally everywhere!  Maybe you yourself are an artist or consider purchasing again from someone local, a beautiful framed photograph would amaze, or a vintage antique find, etc.  Look for something to spark a smile or intrigue!

Adding some fresh cut flowers in a pitcher or glass jar brings the countryside in and is easy yet impactful!  Placing a chair in a corner can also serve as visual interest as well as a place to sit or set things down upon.  

field style notes

  • In selecting and mixing metals, keep in mind the colour scheme and mood of the room - warm metals will feel more at home with a warm colour palette (reds, oranges, yellows, etc) where as cooler metals will feel better in a cooler palette (blues, greens, purples, etc).  Knowing this now you can see how the design board uses cooler hues and feels calm, peaceful yet refreshing.
  • A nice small tabletop vanity mirror is convenient and portable for guests requiring a 'close up'.  
  • Placing nicely folded hotel quality towels on a chair, dresser, table or rolled in a basket is too a nice welcoming detail. 

Share your thoughts on country/farmhouse style!  So pretty if done correctly, right!?