Stylish Vacation Rental Table & Glassware

You gotta love pretty tableware - right!?  Food just looks and tastes that much more flavourful and delicious when presented and eaten from beautiful dishes!  Treat guests to beautiful table & glassware where they can be delighted to enjoy every meal.

(Find these items at: Crate and Barrel, Ikea, Birch Lane, All Modern, Joss&Main.)


Chic Dinnerware

With fall slowly approaching, well here on the east coast of Canada anyway, (I actually have a roast & veggies in my slow-cooker as I type this and will be making Ukrainian beet rolls to go with!)  I really gravitated towards the soothing muted toned porcelain dinnerware.  I find it brings that organic earthy feel - you know the desire to sit down to a steaming bowl of soup or stew....ohhh so comforting!

The stylishly fun blue dolomite plates I found really interesting and pretty - and if not to be used for eating, they'd look lovely on a wall!  So many times accommodation properties are jam packed with mismatched, chipped, not so exciting dinnerware.  Why not make the dining experience for guests that much more enjoyable by stocking beautiful plates and bowls that have a stylish vibe to them?

The soothing greens, blues, greys & beiges all blend so nicely with one another, there is a neutral organic feel to them so no need to go with matchy matchy sets.  You can see how the white bowl atop a grassy green plate is so crisp looking and how the grey bowl matches with any of the solid coloured plates in that stack pictured.  If going with something patterned like the pretty blue & white plates, they'd fair better alongside white bowls to keep it all fresh and light while letting the plates be the star of the show.

Sparkling Glassware

No need to invest to heavily into glassware.  However it is important to have varying sizes available, usually short & tall is ideal and a few different styles to accommodate a guests beverage selections.  Perhaps including some fun cups for the kiddies as well.  

Wine glasses, beer mugs and a couple of champagne flutes are nice for sure.  Have you ever had to drink wine from a plastic cup at your place of accommodation?  Something a bit high school rebellious about it, haha, right?!  And if guests are celebrating a special occasion, why not have some flutes out and ready with a nice message to make them feel special - also then avoiding a phone call on where they might find some proper glasses at the wee late hours of the night!

Oh and lets briefly touch on mugs!  Mugs that match look so much more appealing then old mugs with business logos, worlds best grandpa, happy birthday, etc, etched on them!  Having mugs pair nicely with the dinnerware will make for a more sleek and polished looking cupboard as well.

Stylin' Servingware

As soon as I came across the ceramic lucky pig serving bowl - I just couldn't leave him out!  He adds a bit of cheekiness and fun to serving - plus the kids will love him as much as I do!  Even if you can't find a lucky pig, there are so many beautiful serving bowls and dishes to be found!

A lovely pitcher or glass bottle available for guests to fill up and have sitting on the table is nice, even nicer is when it is already filled and chilled in the fridge awaiting their arrival.

Salt + pepper shakers are also very important to keep topped up as guests don't want to have to bring these sorts of things along.  A set on the table and another in the kitchen for cooking makes a guests meal preparation and setting of the table that much more easy.

Utensils + Flatware

Luckily flatware is the easy part of decorating the kitchen and dining area!  But again matching is nice and replacing any chipped or cracked plastic handled ones as they do get sharp!  Stocking more than enough flatware is great because guests will be using them for cooking, dining and possibly any company that they may invite over to share in a wonderful meal.  The fabulous dark matte ones in the design board are interestingly a 20 piece set from Ikea!

I won't get into kitchen utensils here but I did picture a 2-piece wooden serving set which look perfect with the organic earthy vibe being felt in the design board.

Lovely Table Linens

It was hard narrowing these guys down!  So in choosing linens for the vacation rental table you can rule out anything that isn't going to be machine washable right off the bat!  But after that then go wild, just make sure they go with the dinnerware we chatted about earlier!  Or if you haven't got dinnerware yet, then yay go wild again and choose linens that you love and base the dinnerware selection off of those.

The linens featured on the design board are all pretty and stylish in a neutral way, nothing to trendy.  The banana bark + cotton hand woven runner is my favorite!  Its earth friendly, fair trade and beautiful - right up my alley! 

Field Style notes

  • Selecting and choosing beautiful table & glassware for your guests doesn't have to be difficult.  For an organic feel like in the design board bring in earthy toned hues, pretty patterns, touches of natural elements, even a hit of whimsy for fun!  
  • Lose the 'ware' that features logos and non-relevant sayings, (ex: its hip to be square on a...yes, square coffee mug from the '80's).  And not all of the bowls, plates or mugs have to be sets matching each other, just keep co-cohesiveness through pattern, colour and shapes & sizes.
  • It's nice to supply more than enough dishes & utensils to host all guests and then some.
  • Guests will sense a touch of sophistication and attention to detail when they come across such lovely tableware for their enjoyment.  Bon appetit!

What do you appreciate to have or see in kitchens/dining rooms during a stay somewhere?