Stylish & Fun Vacation Rental Kitchen Finds

Treat guests to a stylish and inviting kitchen where memorable meals can be made! 

What a treat to check-in to a vacation rental and find dreamy, clean and snazzy fun kitchen ware that's more inviting to use than what you've got at home!  Sure thing I wouldn't mind cookin' while on vacay then!

I did some online research (super fun research too!) for 'ware' that makes wanting to cook in the kitchen enticing and inviting even while on holidays.  Nothing worse than having to prepare a meal with useless, old, not sure if they've ever been cleaned properly 'ware'!

There is literally sooo much out there, definitely hard to choose and narrow things down but going with somewhat of a neutral and blue themed palette here - connects us to the sea, ocean, lake, river, etc and all....I selected just a few fun finds that could be attractive to a variety of different owners and guests.  Just simple but useful things that can jazz up the kitchen for a guests stay.  And really I could go on creating forever but we'll start with this design board look for now!

(Find these items at: Simons, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn.)


Look for Unique Finds

I personally love to hunt high and low for unique finds that one doesn't see everywhere everyday.  I usually drive myself crazy by doing so, but it's sooo right and satisfying in the end when I just knew what I was picturing in my head actually did exist somewhere out there!

Now I don't expect that everyone would go on such a country wide hunt for the ultimate old metal school teachers desk as I did - however my search paid off and what do you know? I literally found it here in my city from a lovely old man who saved a tonne, literally a tonne, like 3 semi trailers full of old school & office furniture!  Anyways my point is, I needed to find that desk for an office design project that required a certain look and feel, so I had to do some hunting around for that perfect piece.  Sometimes it's that one special find that just makes a space.

A beautiful pitcher (i just love the yellow bumblebee guy in the design board) for serving cold, refreshing, lemon mint cucumber water or organic lavender apricot iced tea (I was recently at a lavender farm and purchased some tea - OMG amazing!), it just makes for a special and favorable impression over a plastic dollar store juice jug, you know what I mean right? 

If one wants to create a particular look and feel whether it's in an office, kitchen or wherever, scoring a unique find can truly turn the feel of a space right around!  Guests appreciate and notice these 'stand out' pieces, its 'out of the ordinary' for them and that can be a really good thing!

Keep Only the Pretty Insight

Kitchen counter-tops can become the home of all things clutter!  Guests need not be overwhelmed by old appliances, containers, trinkity crap, notes, etc on the counters.  Keeping a limited amount of things on display makes for a clean, uncluttered look.

The items on the above design board are pretty enough to keep out but be tempted to only select and style a few key pieces for a punch of interest.  A bread basket placed atop a wooden cutting board makes me want to jump on a European style bicycle, find the local bakery for a baguette in which I place in the bike basket, grab a bouquet of fresh colourful flowers from the local flower shop lady while on the way back to my holiday rental.........sigh, see how people can imagine things from something so simple!?  Or maybe I'm just completely odd!?

Photo by  Angelina Litvin  on  Unsplash

(Okay maybe I forgot to mention, judging from the above chosen photo, that I may have stopped for wine along the way too!)

I'm kind of an earth-friendly geek and not the biggest fan of paper towels, however I do realize their convenience and that's why if one is going to provide them for guests use, why not have a unique paper towel holder for display!  #9 is a neat find.

I love great cooking utensils like #11, even simple stainless steel ones stored in a fab container/canister left atop the counter, makes it easy for a guest to see and grab what they need for cooking. 

Everyone appreciates and uses s + p, there are so many cute salt + pepper shakers and holders out there, so having a wonderful set of those left out is greatly appreciated or on the dining table would be perfect too.  An additional salt shaker or bowl for cooking near the stove is handy as well.  

Everything Needs a Home

So relating back to what I mentioned about keeping only the pretty insight, meaning that a well-stocked vacation rental kitchen does not need to be on full display for the guests arrival.

It's exciting opening cupboard doors to see what can be found behind them!  "Look honey, there's a berry basket, let's take the kids berry picking!".....referring to #5, like how cute and affordable is a berry basket - I love it!!!

A toaster and coffee maker are the usual appliance guys to live atop the counters, they are used daily and aren't hopefully eyesores.....hmmm perhaps a future blog post I'd say???

But keeping the unnecessary and unsightly amenities and appliances tucked away for just when the guest requires them, each with their own spot, makes for taking inventory after departures easier too. 

Also if a guest calls you up and asks if you have a lemon squeezer?  "Why yes I do, you'll find it located next to the garlic press in the drawer with the can opener".  Oh, that reminds me of all the times guests would call down to the front desk asking where something was.  Guests don't want to hunt around for things, they expect what they are looking for to be right there and accessible and if its not found within seconds, expect a phone my point, another reason to keep things uncluttered with a predictable home!

Pretty Kitchen Linens

Who doesn't love some pretty kitchen towels!?  Well I guess lots of the male guests could probably care less unless perhaps they were adorned in camouflage or sports cars - YIKES!!!  But in any case quality, stylish kitchen towels that tie in with the rest of the kitchen colours makes for an up-to-date look.

Avoiding those cheap thin towels, sure they're super affordable but they really don't soak up or dry anything!  Have you encountered those kind of tea towels?  Those ones that will not get a dish dry!?  Sooo annoying!

Pretty kitchen linens can be found all over the place, just look around for nice ones that match the look your going for in the kitchen, coordinating the tea towels with the dish clothes offers a well put together look too.

Yes, Sometimes Pretty Things May Cost More Than The Ugly or Be Harder to Find (but worth it!!!)

Offering 'some pretty things' at the very least will really, truly help towards making for a stand out kitchen!  Basic and boring is, well, basic and boring!  Guests love to see and experience unique, uncommon, yet quality amenities, those are the things that make a stay just that much more memorable from the other places they've stayed.  

They'll remember those simple little touches, but yes, sometimes those key pieces will cost more than the norm.  But that doesn't always have to be the case, it could just mean it may cost more in terms of your time trying to find those unique treasures!

Keeping in mind that cheap things don't always last very long and tend to need frequent replacing, so investing in a few items that look amazing and will last longer could be worth the magic they may create for a guest.  Remember also that things don't always have to be brand new in the kitchen, the charm and character in something old and rustic can bring beauty and simplicity. 

In The End...

Home cooked food just comes alive, looks so appetizing and is more enjoyable to share when it has the option to be cooked and prepared from beautiful kitchen'ware', beverages just taste that much more zippy when poured from a 'bee' pitcher!  Reaching for fresh baked bread from a basket is so much more authentic than from a plastic bag..ya?  

If you catch my drift let me know your thoughts on what other goodies guests enjoy finding in a vacation rental kitchen!?

'Meals and memories are made in the kitchen.'  

a simple and quaint quote:)

Photo by  Toa Heftiba  on  Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash