Treat Guests To A Beautiful Bath Retreat

Don't you love a clean fresh bathroom when you check-in somewhere?  Crisp white towels, a cozy robe to wear after stepping out of the shower, unique features - its just so pretty that you want to linger a little longer while getting ready.

Bathrooms are very personal to guests in a way.  And what I mean by this is that - it's where one gets undressed and exposes themselves to trust that what they are about to touch, stand on, dry off on, is clean!  OMG it is absolutely the worst when you need to have a shower but things are looking a bit old, which you then automatically interpret into dirty, so you try to go as fast as you can while standing on your tippie toes as you can't fully relax into the surface your standing on - cause yikes! it doesn't really look clean!

So whether starting a bathroom from scratch or its time to revamp the existing, to create the feel of a getaway retreat for guests - look for 'out of the ordinary' bathroom furniture, fixtures & accessories rather than the typical 'big box' store look.  

Lets take a look and I'll further explain, shall we?


Bathroom vanities (aka bathroom furniture)

One of the most important features to look for in a vanity is counter space for sure!  I personally find it frustrating when there is hardly any space to set anything.  Counter space is especially desired for when guests are going to be staying for several days or longer as one needs space to set out their belongings; toothbrushes & paste, makeup bags (sooo important! right?), products, shaving gear, and whatever else people require in the bathroom.

Drawers & cupboards are nice storage features too, they can hold hair dryers, extra towels & toilet paper, tissue boxes, cleaning supplies, etc.  Guests will definitely appreciate having spaces to tuck away items during their stay so investing in a beautiful vanity with plenty of storage is ideal, however making sure its visually appealing is just as important!  There are some monster vanities out there with plenty of storage, but they can be....scary ugly!

Depending on the look your hoping to achieve there are plenty of finishes and styles to choose from.  I selected my two fav's, each of a different size - I just love the colours of the woods!  One is smaller in size, perfect for a bathroom with limited space as it offers some counter space on either side of the sink and storage below.  The larger one with dual sinks has plenty of counter space and lots of variety in extra storage.  

Both vanities if surrounded and adorned with the right accessories, can work in helping to create a relaxing bathroom retreat. 

unique bathroom hardware

Stylish towel racks, hangers and hooks can really add some sparkle and interest.  You'll want to be sure to have enough of them and to place them in convenient locations.  You know those times when you go to dry your hands or step out of the shower and you automatically turn to where you assume a towel would be, but surprise its not there!  Your now dripping water on the floor scoping the room for a towel!  Anyways, its thoughtful placement of these simple things that prevents guests from draping wet towels in unwanted locations.

snazzy bathroom accessories

I just love unique special touches that take you by surprise!  Bringing some into a vacation rental bathroom would be a fun touch for your guests.  Add colour, interest and personality through these fun little items like; soap dishes or pumps, tissue boxes, cups & toothbrush holders, bath caddy's (like the wooden bath caddy pictured), storage bins, wastebaskets, etc...lots of fun options to be had out there!

cushy Bathroom linens

Ohh comfy cozy linens!  Not skimping on quality bath towels makes for a more pleasant 'drying off' experience - a little more spa like, if you will!  Also providing a couple of crisp soft white robes for your adult guests comfort is always a nice amenity.

White is usually the safest bet for linens as; much easier to sanitize, easy to match with, lends a clean modern spa feel, goes with any decor and easy to find - easy to replace!

Bath mats you could probably have a little more fun with though!  Go with classic white or something plush and textured or add a hit of colour, etc.  Keeping in mind wash-ability and something with a bit of weight to prevent sliding around.

Shower curtains are another place to add some interest.  They do take up alot of visual space in a bathroom so they can really help to tell the story of what the overall feel of the room is.

field style tips

  • Not everything has to be part of a 'set' or 'pack', if you know what I mean.  The beautiful soap dishes pictured could easily and beautifully be the star of a countertop, then provide simple clear or solid coloured accessories to go along side. 
  • Keeping all of the fixtures (ex: sink & bath faucets) in the same finish makes for a more cohesive look.  It is safe and okay to have one other finish for the hardware (ex: on vanity & towels hooks, etc).

I'd love to hear your favorite memories of hotel or vacation baths - good or bad!