Creating A Tranquil And Relaxing Vacation Rental Master Bedroom

There's definitely something inviting, peaceful and tranquil about a fresh, crisp, white bed awaiting you while on vacation.

For me, a fresh, clean, white bed while on vacation is so alluring and calming and comfy!  It really doesn't lead me to wonder of who might have been sleeping in it the night before - where as for some reason an old dark, patterned comforter does!?  

So let's talk white and not dark when it comes to the main/master bedrooms in accommodation properties!  What about a pillowey cloud of comfyness for guests?  If they loved the bed they had on their holiday, they will never forget it!  My husband and I always remember those places that had comfy beds and pillows, where we had a wonderful sleep and felt so rested in the mornings - helps in making us return guests for sure!

Design Board Explained

White Duvets over Comforters (most of the time...)

A fluffy white duvet, enveloped in a crisp soft white duvet cover, all atop a clean comfortable mattress, will have guests checking their watches all evening to see if its bedtime yet!

White is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to bedding, and clean stain free bedding is a vacation rental must!  Just finding a hair when you crawl into bed is sooo creepy and to find a stain is, well ya, disgusting!  And guests will be sure to share their finds so it's best they just don't find any at all!

White is bright, white just naturally presents a sense of clean, light and airy.  A white bed invites one to relax while on vacation after an exhausting day of sightseeing, reading, drinking, swimming, eating - you know, all of those fun things we do on vacay!

A white duvet cover is so universal and no way is white boring!!!  Just look at the pros;

  • it will look more deluxe with that resort/hotel kind of feel
  • easy to shop for
  • easy to match with white sheets (we'll talk sheets briefly next!)
  • easy to match with different styles and colours of furniture and decor
  • easy to clean, can be tossed in the laundry along with the sheets
  • will protect the duvet so it doesn't need to be laundered after every guest (p.s. by the way: hotels with comforters wash them maybe a couple of times a year!  That's why if you've noticed, hotel comforters will usually be darker in colour and patterned, this to disguise dirt!  Thankfully, lots of hotels have now switched to duvets using two white sheets carefully wrapped, tucked and folded around, which then only those sheets need washing after every ck/out, much easier I must say!)

Comforters now on the other hand, can be difficult.  If you've ever tried to wash one in a top load washer (which I don't think you're supposed to!?  oops!), they are a pain in the you know what!  They usually take forever to get every corner completely dry and soon enough they show their wear, look worn, tattered and faded.....its that 'old, dirty bed look' even when its been freshly laundered!  

Duvets themselves of course will require washing too, so best to check the care label for 'how to' instructions.  This may involve a more delicate cleaning process but, will still be less frequent than cleaning a comforter, which does come in direct contact with guests and their 'thangs'!  People sit there bums, yes their bums on the top layer of bedding, they change dirty baby bums, they do other 'things', they eat and drink, etc!

Now lastly, why did I say "most of the time?" earlier in the title, well because I do love the look of a quilt at the cottage or cabin too.  A quilt is thinner than a comforter, so easier to wash and can really create that quaint 'at the cottage or lodge' kind of feel.  Colourful quilts used in kids rooms can make for the look of a fun getaway as well.

Are Quality Sheets Really Necessary for Guests?

Ummm yes and no.  Mainly yes, and I say this because it depends on your budget and who your guests are.  If one hosts rowdy party-goers who are looking for dirt cheap accommodations, then why bother spending the extra money on whats not going to even be noticed or appreciated!?  If on the other hand one takes pride in the comfort level that they want to provide, then going with quality sheets can make a huge difference for a guest when they crawl into bed!

Isn't it the best feeling when your so tired from sightseeing all day or having been out in the water and sun - your exhausted! you then slip into that pillowey cloud of comfyness I mentioned earlier!  Oh it's heaven right!?  Silky softness or if you don't invest in higher quality sheets - possibly rough stiffness!

Quality white sheets don't just feel better on the skin but they will last longer too.  Going with white makes for easier washing and sanitizing of any nasty stains left behind and won't take on that faded worn out look that dark coloured sheets will over time.

Warm Wood Elements

A bed is usually the main feature of a bedroom, it's what guests will notice first upon entering the bedroom for the first time, it's where they'll look forward to flopping at the end of the day or perhaps they'll be given the chance to finally enjoy some much needed afternoon napping!?

With that said, a fabulous looking bed to hold a great mattress (see the 'bedroom under's' design board post) and snug bedding, can be a statement piece all in itself!  The one shown in the design board is a warm golden kiln-dried spruce sleigh bed, the perfect retreat feel!

By using warm woods in the bed and also shown in a floor lamp on the design board, it gives all of the white bedding warmth and coziness.  I didn't get into bedroom furniture much as I'll probably cover that more in a future post about guest storage & furniture.

To touch on furniture briefly, warm woods can also be brought in with a dresser or wardrobe, bedside tables or sitting chair, etc....just be careful not to inject to much wood if the walls and floors are also wood, you want to strike the right balance not falling into that look of to 'piney' or 'woody' with a million varieties and colours of woods going on - its then just a 'woody overload'!

Do The Beds Really Need Skirts?

So bed skirts do really serve a purpose!  Not only can they complete the look of a stylish well made bed, but they hide the not so attractive box spring while helping to deter dust bunnies, as their other name of a 'dust ruffle' states.  

Personally, I do like the look on most beds as it gives a polished finished look, but certain types of bed frames don't necessarily always work with a bed skirt nor look right with one.  Mainly it will really depend on the look one is wanting to achieve.  

The bed skirts on the design board are simple and stylish yet lend some visual interest and impact, they also give softness to the wood - all helping to create a soothing vacation style bedroom.

Have Fun with Decorative Pillows & Throw Blankets

This is where one can add pops of colour or even stay monochromatic using white on white.  With an endless array of options out there, so many different looks can come from the use of throw pillows & blankets.

In the design board I wanted to show a couple of different options to help create that look of a modern soothing, relaxing bedroom, so you can see and feel how the choice of blues, whites and off whites help create that comfy, stylish, calmness.  Any of these colours tossed upon a fluffy white duvet would look amazing!

Feel free to use solids, bring in patterns or bring in both!  Pick colours that jive together naturally, like if you want to use blues which are calming like water, than use shades that you'd see when looking out to sea.  If you want to bring the feeling of the forest indoors, than touches of the colours one would connect to in nature, greens and browns, etc would assist in making that connection.

Adding Interest through Accessories & Decor

Soothing colours like blues, greens, creams and really, the colours found in nature, provide that calm, relaxing feel most desired in a bedroom.  Bring these guys in through accents, like your pillows, throws and artwork, vases, etc as we just discussed above.

Great special pieces of decor sparkle and radiate personality, they help tell the story of a space and set the mood.  So what I mean by this is, say one has a beach house by the ocean, guests are meant to feel a sense of tranquility while vacationing here......artwork using the colours of the outdoor surroundings, perhaps portraying images of a nearby landmark, maybe painted by a local artist....really sets the tone and mood of the area, right?  Imagine instead seeing photos of a wintry Alaska and then in another room old images of a barn on a farm somewhere, feels a bit out of place and strange, right!

Simplicity is key.

Field Style Tip

Think of what the top of a bed endures from when a guest checks in to when they checkout!  

  • The bed is usually an ideal place to throw your suitcases and bags when you get to your room, right?  Its the largest surface and luggage racks, if provided, sometimes tend to be tucked away in a closet for some reason!  Thinking about where suitcases have been????  ummm not a place you want to lay your head at the end of the day!  So providing a luggage rack or a bench of sorts for guests is a nice added convenience in bedrooms.

I'm interested in hearing what you like and appreciate to find in a bedroom during your stays either in hotels or b&b's or vacay rentals, etc?