5 Simple Looks For Rejuvenating A Dated Vacation Rental Sofa

It goes without saying that old furniture tends to find its way to the cottage, the cabin, the airbnb property, etc.  

And well, luckily there is usually a way to make old things look better!  It's best to NOT just collect a mish mash of old furniture, deliver it to the accommodation property, and then just hope to hell it will look good and that guests won't notice or care!  

Decorating a living room area with inviting and comfortable furniture to match the rating a property is advertised as and price point being charged, is super important!  So lets look at jazzing up a dated sofa (yay! one less thing going into the landfill!  love you earth:). 

Vacation Rental Decorating (Slipcovers & Pillows To Update A Sofa) from heelsinthefield.com.  Find these items at: Ikea, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, Zazzle.

The Everlasting Sofa (well not really, but let's just add maybe a few more years)

Vacation properties experience their fair share of wear and tear and the poor old sofas tend to take on a lot!  Usually being the main star of living room furniture - they endure being sat upon, jumped on, slept upon, scratched on (if your a pet friendly property), spilled on, a hanger for wet towels and bathing suits, etc.  So you can only imagine that this piece of well used furniture will need some care, as it is a pricey item that you will not want to replace every time an eyesore of a stain or tear appears.

Some sofas have good bones and lines so even if the fabric is damaged it is still possible to extend its life a little bit longer.  Imagine if you transformed that old sofa - gave it new a whole new look!  Think of how cute and charming a living area could become!  

Creating a pleasant place of comfort for guests to relax, socialize, take in the view (hopefully there is one), doesn't have to be overly difficult or overly expensive either, all it takes is a sofa slipcover and some new throw pillows and or covers!


Cozy Cottage

A light tan coloured slipcover will help to disguise dirt, works well with lots of colour palettes and creates a nice neutral base upon which to have some fun with prints and patterns!  Dressing it up with new throw pillows or covers in a mix of florals, soft pretty patterns, perhaps a ruffle or two all in a variety of sizes, gives that cozy charming English cottage feel.  Now to top it off - just need a fragrant rose garden! 

Nice in a budget to mid-range property.

Modern Traditional

This slipcover in a dark jewel tone, gives a modern yet traditional touch to a space.  With the addition of two pinstriped throw pillows, it portrays a more sophisticated look and will help hide imperfections.  This look is similar as to what you might see in some hotel guest room sitting areas - nothing overly drastic, rather simple actually but offers clean lines and a solid colour which all appeal to a wider range of guests.

Ideal in a mid-range to higher-end traditional/modern property+ airbnb.

Nautical Whimsy

A cute navy and white striped slipcover with ties makes for a casual nautical feel.  Adding some fun coral coloured throw pillows gives an unusual twist for a splash of whimsy against the pinstripes!  Who doesn't love some whimsy at the cottage!?  You could also opt for the traditional nautical combo of navy, red and white - just have some fun with it because its not everyday you can sport a pink flamingo on your sofa!

Perfect for a budget to mid-range property.

Polished Shoreline

A creamy neutral beige slipcover on a sectional sofa can bring a casual polished look.  To create that feeling of being at the shore or to bring the outdoors in, use throw pillows or covers of beautiful birds (keep the colours and feel in the same family) in and amongst stripes or maybe some geometric's in refreshing watery blue hues.  Oh so lovely!

Great for a mid-range to higher-end property + airbnb.

Deluxe Beach House

A crisp, clean white slipcover can give the illusion and feeling of stylish and more expensive.  Yes, white sounds terribly difficult to keep clean - I know! but keep in mind who your guests are and what they are expecting in deluxe accommodations.  Spot clean often and machine wash as necessary to keep it fresh looking.  Using navy and stripes in a variation of blues, sandy browns and whites gives that crisp, clean, 'away from home, I'm at the beach house' feel! 

Nice for a higher-end deluxe property + airbnb.

Field Style Tips

  • For easier cleanup look for machine washable slip and pillow covers, not all can be tumble dried however so best to follow what's recommended. 
  • Double measure the sofa + any pillow measurements before purchasing covers!  They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you'll want to be sure to find the right fit!  It can be like wearing to tight of jeans (super hard to put on!) or an oversized t-shirt (looks saggy and baggy!).
  • Play off the outdoor surroundings when selecting colours and patterns in fabrics.  If overlooking a beautiful harbour view, try incorporating several throw pillows with unique bird images or something nautical, etc.
  • Alot of the pillows in the design board are just that, throw pillows - so many to choose from!  But if you have existing throw pillows that need help and are really ugly, you can just look for pillow covers which give the flexibility and affordability of changing up a look seasonally!

I'd love to hear any tips that you might offer from past slipcover experiences at your accommodation property!?