'Unders' For The Vacation Rental Bedroom?!

Rather boring, yes I do agree!  But protecting soft 'under' goods in vacay bedrooms is important, as guests will yes...sweat the sheets and yes...leak bodily fluids, spill food & beverages (I know it's yuck but very true, ask poor housekeepers in hotels what they see in a days work!).   

Vacation Rental Decorating (Mattress, Pillows & Protectors) from heelsinthefield.com.  Find the 'under's' pictured from vrsupplies.ca 


Pillows and Protectors

When purchasing pillows for a property keep in mind that not all types of pillows can be laundered.  Best to check the 'care labels' to see how to care for pillows before purchasing.   The protectors will help to reduce common problems like yellowing + staining, dust mites + bacteria as well as increase the life of a pillow.  

Pillows protectors are not going to make pillows last forever however, so it will still be necessary to replace pillows every couple of years or as necessary.

Mattresses and Encasement's

No need to spend a fortune on mattress's but you also don't want guests laying in an old worn body imprint either!  Comfort is key for guests as providing them with a good nights rest is vital and expected.  

One complaint I heard often while working in the hotel industry was about uncomfortable mattress's - be it to hard, to soft, to lumpy, etc and well, there's no pleasing every...body...haha!  And well maybe the not to hard, not to soft Goldilocks kind of route might be the way to go?

So again like pillows, a mattress will need replacing every so many years depending on the frequency of use but when you start hearing complaints and seeing body imprints - it's probably time!  

Encasement's are an affordable way to protect from yucky moisture, bed bugs & mites, etc and will maintain mattress longevity.  To be honest - they are a pain in the you know what to change but in the end, the mattress and your wallet will thank you for the protection they provide!  


'Field' Tips (no,we're not going on a Field Trip)

  • Another way to increase mattress life is to rotate and flip with the seasons!  Keeps it easy to remember and avoids those annoying and disgusting body imprints!
  • Maintain freshness between guests - mattress & pillow protectors can be easily tossed in the wash with all of the other linens.  So much simpler than scrubbing a nasty wet spot off the mattress or having to flip it before the next arrival!

I'd love to hear what type of mattress preference you and or your guests prefer while on vacation; hard, medium or soft!?  It's Goldilocks style!