Tea, Books, Nooks and Crannies

(Find these items at: One Kings Lane, WayfairTea Forte, Ikea, Joss and Main, Birch Lane, Lumens, All Modern.)

Design Board Explained

Comfy Seating

Comfy seating to lounge upon is essential in a book nook area.  A lounge chair or chaise with deep comfortable cushions - preferably with a higher back so its easy to lean back and rest ones head, a foot rest or ottoman to elevate feet is nice as well.

Have fun with either something in a solid colour and then injecting pattern and colour through textiles like pillows and throws or find a fabulous patterned upholstered chair, sofa or chaise for some added charm.

Plush Pillows and Throws

Warm pillows and throws that invite you to throw yourself into them are great!  There are many beautiful textures and fabrics to choose from, machine washable and removable pillow covers are a nice option in an accommodation property so they can be laundered and kept fresh for each guest.  

This would be a great place to bring in some lovely patterns and colours.  You can see that the toss pillows and throws on the design board have some depth and richness, this allowing them to work well with any neutral coloured fabric upholstery;  greys, beiges, even navy, etc.

Bookcases and Side tables

Having a convenient place to set a beverage and snack is handy (also prevents spillage in your new beautifully designed book nook!).  Placing a small side table beside the seating area makes for a useful surface in which to set things upon without having to reach far.

A bookcase happens to be simplistically important in a book nook, ya?  Depending on the space your working with would determine the size of bookcase to use and also consider how much reading material your providing and using for display.  You definitely do not want a full wall of bookcases and then nakedness upon the shelves!  The shelves can be neatly styled with reading material appealing to all sorts of readers along with interesting accessories for some visual interest.


Selecting good reading light is definitely necessary in a book nook!  Guests shall not be straining and squinting to read or be moving furniture around to find the best lighting!  A floor lamp beside or behind the seating area and or a table lamp that casts a nice warm downward light is most comfortable on the eyeballs:)

Lamps that swivel, adjust and have dimmers switches are great options to accommodate to the various needs of a guest as well.

Tea Please!

I personally love tea and drink it every day!  Not only has it been around for thousands of years but so healthy and easy to find in all sorts of amazing varieties, over 3000!  I'm not a fan of the cheap and boring kinds usually found in hotel rooms, although I do understand why they provide them - because they are cheap and appeal too the most guests!

But why not jump out of the box and provide a beautiful tea box with a unique selection of organic fragrant varieties guests can select from!?  In addition, a charming tea pot in which to steep the tea in is all a nice touch.  Maybe specialty coffees are more up your alley?  Whatever you choose, guests will surely enjoy this special amenity.  

Interesting Accessories & Styling

A few thoughtful accessories can create interest and lend a homey feel.  Maybe some pieces collected on travels, antiques finds, newly acquired pieces, a decorative dish, etc.  Plants are always comforting, cleanse the air and provide a touch of calming greenery.  

Special finds like interesting or odd bookends are fun.  Books in themselves look beautiful when styled nicely in a bookcase.  Stack some vertically, lay some down, display ones with beautiful covers - all this to make for an enticing display for readers.

A basket or two for extra pillows and throws to live in is pleasing and pleasant while a nice area rug (not shown on the design board) placed under foot warms up and defines the whole space.


Well, like I said earlier, this doesn't have to be an overly dramatic or fancy area but just something cute, cozy and enticing really.  What makes for a comfy spot or nook in your mind?