Hello and welcome!  My name is Kim Hnatyshyn, I'm a Certified Interior Decorator, accommodation enthusiast and of the creative - spiritual - all natural - organic - eco-friendly sort! 

I've combined my love and passion for accommodation + interior design together, to help small accommodation & vacation rental owners who are looking to create beautiful accommodations for their guests, but, have a hard time with the decorating side of things.

Many of my 18 years in the travel & tourism industry was spent in the accommodation sector working in hotels and resorts.  I really came to be fascinated with the look & feel of a property and the impact it plays on a guests experience.  Having traveled and been a guest myself at many types of properties, I see and feel the importance of providing not only unique and stylish accommodations for guests to enjoy, leaving them yearning to come back but of quality and function as well.

My design inspirations surface from the energy and wishes of the client, anticipating guests expectations, the surroundings, also the space itself will give off certain vibes and indicators as to what it wants and needs in order to shine.  By infusing style and function with natural elements, a peaceful harmonious and beautiful environment is created allowing for a guests spirit and soul to relax and renew.

If your looking for ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your property, please be in touch so we can work together on making that happen!