My healing health journey

I'm naturally a shy, quiet and reserved soul, however in this case I felt deep down that I needed to be vulnerable and share a life changing experience.  And I only do so because there is someone out there right now, (just as I was) who's been up day and night scouring the internet for anyone?....someone?....who is or has been in the same boat - trying to find answers, trying to make light of what they've just been told by their doctor.  I cannot give you any answers but I hope that I can help maybe even a little, by sharing my story:)       

October 2015 changed my life in oh so many ways.  I got the news, "You have breast cancer".  Okay - deep what??? Surgery, chemo and radiation immediately was what my breast surgeon said.

Having watched my sister, who went through chemo & radiation for Hodgkin's Lymphoma several years ago at the age of 26 didn't sit well with me at all.  To be honest, the thought of chemotherapy if god forbid I ever got cancer, completely scared the s*#t out of me and was a lingering fear I frequently thought about.  So low and behold, here I was being told it was necessary for my survival!

(P.S. - my sis is still here and alive, getting better day by day - thank you angels and universe!  She's suffered through an extremely tough few years from not only the cancer treatments but from depression, anxiety and addiction to prescription drugs which were easily & constantly prescribed to her.)

Before I go on we must go back to May 2015.  I was feeling so lost and out of balance.  I wasn't fully satisfied at my job and life was feeling dull and unfulfilled.  My husband had a career that took him out of province and sometimes out of country for weeks, like up to 6 weeks at a time, this left me to care for our daughter and household alone.  I just knew there had to be more but I didn't know what I was to be doing, I did know that I was a creative being but not letting myself be creative??  So my soul guided me to search for a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). Little did I know where this little hunch was going to take me!  Interestingly, deep down my spirit and soul really knew where it wanted me to go and how I developed the cancer to begin with.

Back to October, 22nd to be exact, yay surgery day -  time to cut my left breast off!:(  I was 36 for pete's sake!!!  I of course was hesitant, reluctant and not wanting to do this but after my N.D. and another N.D. in Victoria, B.C. both felt that by removing the bulk of the tumor my body would have less to fight with, I went ahead with it.  That was actually the easy part.  It was the choice of treatments afterwards that was the hard part.  I was a young mom of a 6 year old daughter at the time, I needed to be here for her!  My spirit and soul wanted to go the natural route but it's the ol' head and everyone else in the world that would think I was positively crazy to not do the traditional cancer protocol.  Next I spent every moment of every day researching, reading, thinking and wondering.  My radiologist said, "Your a young mother, it's a no brainer to do chemo and radiation - they go hand in hand, you can't do one without the other, plus what's one year of your life?"  

So I had to inform my oncologist, radiologist and breast surgeon of my decision, that a natural and alternative treatment plan was what I was meant to do. (This was my personal choice, I don't judge anyone as to their medical decisions - please consult your medical team and do what's best for you.) AHHHH!  Literally I've never really said what's on my mind or stuck up for myself in my whole life and for whatever the reason this turn of events gave me a strange sense of courage and strength to take charge of my life!

Full on naturopathic treatments started immediately with my N.D.  She was going to be there for me no matter what choices I made.  She put together a treatment plan tailored for me and that's what I did and have stuck with to this very day.  I made major changes to almost every aspect of my life (everything organic please! went vega-tarian?, eliminated all sugar & any processed chemical filled foods and products, lost some pounds, started meditating & released old emotions and then some!).  I searched for and built the right team of people to help heal me.  An N.D, a spiritual massage therapist and a spiritual counselor of sorts who helps connect mind, body and soul. Wow!!!  These amazing people were the most pivotal and necessary beings to help transform and awaken me, I am soooo grateful for who they are and the work they do.  My family + friends thankfully believed in and supported my decision as well , thank you everyone!

Having received a diploma in Interior Design and Decorating in 2004 (Sheffield School of Interior Design - now the New York Institute of Art & Design), I sadly always felt insecure of my design potential.  So I stayed and continued working in the Travel & Tourism and Hotel Industry, which I did love, made many wonderful friends, traveled to amazing places and stayed in fabulous hotels!  Now when I look back, it was the architecture, the design and experience felt in those fabulous hotels & resorts that I was really drawn to.  So the time came when I realized that I needed to let go of the fear and just go for it!  Get creative and see what happens?!  And that's what I did. time for a business name.  Having always been intrigued by beautiful spaces & places and how the earth gives us everything we need, etc. Heels in the Field came while meditating one day, but what does this mean?  Well, it sums up just a little part of who I am!



Refers too, yes.....the somewhat, unimportant, but definitely fun -  'pretty & glamorous' side of things!  Having grown up on a farm on the prairies in Saskatchewan, I actually wore high heels and dress-up clothes in the fields & pastures!  It was in my nature to make sure all of the animals had special comfy homes, beds and shelters, usually made of straw bales, trees & shrubs, old clothing and other materials. So I guess at a young age I began designing and decorating in a very rustic organic sort of way, lol!?



A lovely field of bales in beautiful Nova Scotia. 

A lovely field of bales in beautiful Nova Scotia. 

The word 'field' relates to the fields & pastures where I roamed as a child, a peaceful place for me.  They are beautiful, can connect us to nature, earth, spirit and animals, nurture our mind, body and souls with their calm surroundings.  And most importantly - they produce & harvest amazing crops full of mother nature's goodness!

I appreciate you coming by as it was a long story, right!?  If you feel a connection and would like to work together please reach out.